Natural looking temporaries are a way for your patients to envisage or essentially ‘preview’ their final look but are also the crucial step in the planning stages of such treatments as smile design. In many cases, chairside temps alone can help you evaluate the size, feel, function and colour of the final restoration, particularly from a diagnostic mock up provided by us. Some cases require a more substantial need to use a more long-term temporary made in the laboratory to assist clinical and restorative needs such as implant bridges.

We offer the option of temporaries made with high specification materials and CAD/CAM design/manufacture ensure precision in the fit whether this is serving a need to ‘trial’ in the patient’s mouth for address cosmetic or functional concerns or more clinical based issues such as preserving the health and contouring of the gum tissue or preventing tooth movement. Our laboratory temporaries are all made with the basis of long term provisional use.

We recommend that in many complex cases with a multitude of considerations, a temporary is constructed for addressing many of these. Additional procedures and remakes after finals have been fitted can be both time consuming and costly so we offer dentists the option of one cost temporaries. You are only charged once for the temporary, regardless of how many adjustments and remakes are needed to ensure you are confident and the patient is happy to proceed with the best result that can be achieved for their finals.

Instant Smile Trials

As part of the planning aspect here at Hall Dental Studio, we do offer the additional option, dependant on suitability the case, of creating a temporary solution without the need for preparation of the teeth. This is a useful tool to enable patients to have the same ability to preview their new enhanced smile by simply placing a removable acrylic appliance over their existing dentition. A clearer understanding of what the patient’s expectations are can be instantly determined and incorporated into the proposed treatment planning.

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