Our Terms and Conditions of Business

The ‘Client’ refers to both the prescribing dentist and their business/corporate affiliates which ‘Hall Dental Studio Ltd’ (later referred to as ‘us/we’) have agreed to accept and complete work for. By sending work for completion with a written laboratory instruction, the Client has consented to abide by the following terms and conditions of business.

  1. Prices provided to the Client are correct at time of publication but are subject to alteration without prior notice. We will endeavour to notify the Client of any significant changes but this will be at our discretion. Premier charge will be automatically applied where the case satisfies outlined criteria on laboratory instruction.
  1. Prices quoted are inclusive of packing and delivery into and out of the laboratory, by couriers, by Royal Mail or equivalent postal services within the United Kingdom.
  1. Stationery such as business reply postal labels, laboratory instruction tickets or plastic laboratory bags are provided without further charge but must be requested by the Client, as and when required.
  1. Gold and precious metals are charged as a supplement unless otherwise stated. This includes handling charges and a surcharge equal to the current rate of VAT to cover the costs which may be charged by the supplier.
  1. All appliances are constructed to the requirements of the Client and we cannot accept any responsibility for the suitability of those requirements. The Client is responsible for ensuring we receive all necessary information clearly written or indicated on the laboratory prescription to construct the appliance. Work will not begin on a case until all information, including any supplementary clinical photography, has been received by us.
  1. All metal ceramic items instructed will be constructed using precious metal alloys, unless otherwise stated by the Client on the written instruction.
  1. The fitting of an appliance is acknowledgement that we have produced the appliance to the Client’s specification and satisfaction.
  1. While we attempt to provide the highest quality appliances every time, claims for manufacturing faults must be brought to the attention of Hall Dental Studio Ltd as soon as apparent and the appliance returned to us so that corrections can be made accordingly. We guarantee our appliances against manufacturing faults for 12 months from the date you receive it.
  1. Remakes will be charged for at the discretion of the laboratory after investigation. Changes, in any way, by the Client to the original prescription (including material changes) will be deemed a new instruction and charged as such. For remakes to be investigated, we require all items to be returned including the original completed work, impression trays and models.
  1. All accounts are due for payment within 30 days from the date on your invoice, either by BACS transfer or cheque. We reserve the right to apply statutory interest on any unpaid balances outside these credit terms. We also reserve the right to claim compensation for recovery costs under late-payment legislation. If payment is still not made, we reserve the right to hold work in progress until an acceptable payment has been received by us.
  1. Errors on an invoice/account must be brought to the attention of the laboratory within 21 days of receipt of the invoice, otherwise the invoice/account will be deemed to be correct and the amount invoiced will be payable.