Christian Wibberley RDT CDT

An exceptionally talented Clinical Dental Technician, Christian Wibberley RDT CDT, has recently joined the Hall Dental Studio team at Norfolk House. Christian qualified from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2009 and then qualified in Clinical Dental Technology at the University of Central Lancashire in 2013. From this point, he has excelled in providing naturally beautiful dentures that match perfectly to patient’s existing dentition. Christian has treated patients of all ages, while his skills in aesthetics and functionality of removable prosthetics have led to him being a respected figure in dental technology. He also leads a number of educational presentations and training courses within the industry.

If you would like to refer one of your private denture patients to Christian, please feel free to telephone the laboratory for available consultation times.

Patient Info:

A complete denture is used when all your teeth are missing or a partial denture would be beneficial when one or more teeth remain. Fit and function are extremely important but so are the overall aesthetics. Dentures can also be combined with implants in some cases, encouraging a smaller design and optimum stability in the mouth. Natural looking dentures are available directly to patients by calling the laboratory to arrange a consultation time. Our in-house clinical dental technician, Christian Wibberley RDT CDT, will be able to discuss your requirements and create a smile that is both natural and functional, providing you with the confidence to smile again. Christian is legally qualified to give oral examinations; checking the health of your mouth. He will then take impressions and measurements in order to create high quality dentures. Christian also evaluates bone loss that will sometimes result in sunken facial profiles so in many cases the resulting denture will also improve facial appearance and anatomy, given you a younger appearance.

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