Smile Design

Smile Design is what we do best at Hall Dental Studio. For dentists, the added assurance is that we are educated in the most advanced techniques by the master technicians of the world. These techniques are then reflected in the functionality, radiance and vitality of every smile we achieve for patients.

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What our clients say

Hall Dental Studio never fails to deliver work of the highest standards which reflects the commitment of Wayne and the team. He provides a superior service enabling me to deliver to my patients the high standard and quality of work they expect. As a dentist, it is extremely rewarding when my patients are as thrilled with the aesthetic quality of the work as I am with the fit!

Dr R. Burgess

What our clients say

The studio has a track record for producing beautiful ceramic work. I have sent many patients down to the lab to benefit from the highly personalised results and finishing touches.

Dr C. Crawford

What our clients say

I have had the good fortune of using Hall Dental for more than 6 years and in all my time practising (a substantial 30 years!) they are undoubtedly the most professional and aesthetically exacting team I have ever worked with. Wayne has helped me with numerous complicated tooth wear and occlusally challenging cases, providing advice and suggestions to secure outstanding end results. This has given me the confidence to put postgraduate training into practical use.
I love this lab and cannot recommend them highly enough!

Dr G. McCormack

What our clients say

I have been a postal client of Hall Dental Studio for the 11 years they have been in business. Although a postal client, I have had no problems with communication as Wayne was happy to teach me about shade taking and photography and is always on the other end of the phone should I have a question or a difficulty. The standard of ceramics received is always predicable and excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending Hall Dental Studio to other dentists, looking for a high standard of dental ceramic with excellent customer service.

Dr C. Hughes